Ray Rimell and Albatros Productions, Ltd., welcome all scale model enthusiasts that drop by here, especially those with a passion for WWI aeroplanes, and  who may enjoy scrolling  through a selection of  images from a lifetime of model publishing: Scale Models; Battle;  Military Modelling;Voyager; Wings;Sea Classics International;Airfix Magazine; Model Boats; PKC and ultimately, WINDSOCK Worldwide;my personal albums of  model favourites down the years…


My thanks to all of you who have posted your encouraging comments over the years, I very  much appreciate the feedback . Please continue to check  back here   for latest developments.




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  1. Christopher Wareing

    Dear Ray. Is there going to be a final Zeppelin volume covering L 70-L-72 ? Kind regards,Chris Wareing

    • admin

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for asking. Yes, it;’s still ongoing.In fact I just this week struck a deal with one of thr German Zeppelin Museums and have over 140 images of all the late ships on the way.One day it will happen.



  2. Ray Withnell

    Ray; missing your tomes. What a glorious collection of information you produced over those decades! I really miss your Datafiles!
    Hope you are well…… [and maybe even consider putting out an occasional issue on some of the rarer WWI types; I'd bet they'd sell like hot cakes!].
    I know legends like you find it hard to rest on their laurels!
    Best of wishes,
    Ray Withnell [past President of the Australian Society of WWI Aero Historians].

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