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Ray Rimell and Albatros Productions, Ltd., welcome all scale model enthusiasts that drop by here, especially those with a passion for WWI aeroplanes, and  who may enjoy scrolling  through a selection of  images from a lifetime of model publishing: Scale Models; Battle;  Military Modelling;Voyager; Wings;Sea Classics International;Airfix Magazine; Model Boats; PKC and ultimately, WINDSOCK Worldwide;my personal albums of  model favourites down the years…


My thanks to all of you who have posted your encouraging comments , I very  much appreciate the feedback . Please continue to check  back here   for latest developments.




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  1. Hi Ray

    Not sure if you remember me but I bought Windsock off you back in 1987 for my hobby business Hobbycraft in Fremantle Western Australia – just thought I’d say g’day!


    Tim Vickridge

    • admin

      Hi Tim,

      Yes I remember you of course. I hoipe all is well with you and yours.

      Kind regards,


    • admin

      Hello David,

      We have not establioshed subscription rates for 2017 as yet,there will be an announcement in the Winter issue of WS.



  2. David L. Morgan

    Hi! Ray
    just wondering when my subscription will expire or if it is time to renew now.

    Thanks for your time

    David Morgan
    Douglas Wyoming, USA.

  3. Tony Newman

    Ray, well done for correctly picturing a Shutte-Lanz airship on the Leefe-Robinson page. But how soon the intrepid flyer’s epic endeavour has been transformed into century-old history.

    • admin

      Thanks Tony, I am now working up a new book on the Scutte Lanz ships-a fascinating project!
      Kind regards,


  4. Tom Anderson

    Over the years and I do mean years I have made comments on the data files. the Ilia Morometez for one. (Not mentioning the narrow fuselage dimension in the first production run) (thank you for getting it to me:) Your publications and especially the great “3-views” in them Have been a help. Just got the Two BE-2 Datafiles and now I am waiting for Airfix to supply the model here in New England.

  5. Mike Farrier

    Hello Ray,
    It’s great to see your most impressive website. You certainly are the man to ask when it comes to WW1 militaria! I’ve got most of your very informative books and magazines, which are most helpful for references in my own work as an artist and modeller. You might remember me as the chap who exhibited some Robinson/SL11 artwork at the centenary exhibition in Cuffley.
    Keep up your excellent work.

  6. Ray Withnell

    G’day Ray!
    Just wondering where my standing is with my subscription.
    You have some new tomes that I want to acquire before they are ‘sold out’.
    Would appreciate your update on where I’m at.
    Cheers from down under; Ray Withnell

  7. Mauro Cescutti

    Dear Ray,
    I read with sorrow your decision to suspend the continuation of your magazine. Over the years it has been important part of my modeling life and certainly leaves a huge void!
    I respect your choice and hope to continue to hear you through your blog, there are still many projects that we have to share ..

    Thank you very much Ray, I wish you the best !!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

    See you soon……

  8. Hello, was actually looking for more windsock resources regarding their history, first uses etc., wiki seem lack some important info in that matter. Are you planning to include those kind of resources on the website? Thank you

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