Ray Rimell and Albatros Productions, Ltd., welcome all scale model enthusiasts that drop by here, especially those with a passion for WWI aeroplanes, and  who may enjoy scrolling  through a selection of  images from a lifetime of model publishing: Scale Models; Battle;  Military Modelling;Voyager; Wings;Sea Classics International;Airfix Magazine; Model Boats; PKC and ultimately, WINDSOCK Worldwide;my personal albums of  model favourites down the years…


My thanks to all of you who have posted your encouraging comments over the years, I very  much appreciate the feedback . Please continue to check  back here   for latest developments.




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  1. Christopher Wareing

    Dear Ray. Is there going to be a final Zeppelin volume covering L 70-L-72 ? Kind regards,Chris Wareing

    • admin

      Hi Chris,

      Thanks for asking. Yes, it;’s still ongoing.In fact I just this week struck a deal with one of thr German Zeppelin Museums and have over 140 images of all the late ships on the way.One day it will happen.



  2. Ray Withnell

    Ray; missing your tomes. What a glorious collection of information you produced over those decades! I really miss your Datafiles!
    Hope you are well…… [and maybe even consider putting out an occasional issue on some of the rarer WWI types; I'd bet they'd sell like hot cakes!].
    I know legends like you find it hard to rest on their laurels!
    Best of wishes,
    Ray Withnell [past President of the Australian Society of WWI Aero Historians].

  3. Wendy Turner

    hello Ray. Do you know if a zepellin every flew over or near to St Albans? I’m doing some research and would like to get on the trail. Look forward to hearing from you. With many thanks. Wendy Turner

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